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Natural Chiropractic Healing

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16151 Weber Rd. Suite 210
Crest Hill, IL 60403
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Fees? Insurance? Appointments? Cancellation Policy?


Chiropractic philosophy begins with the principle that the human body has a remarkable ability to maintain its own health. Most people think Chiropractors just treat low back pain, but Chiropractic actually focuses on the nervous system (the brain and spinal cord).

Initial Chiropractic fees range between $60-$160 depending on the severity and complexity of the condition.  Most PPO and Medicare insurance plans are accepted for chiropractic care.  However, if your insurance company doesn't' cover chiropractic, you have a HMO,  or you don't have insurance coverage at all, we offer a range of affordable cash payment plans that correlate  to your current condition and health goals.  Payment options are check, cash, Visa/Master card/ Discover/AM EX, Care Credit, and Flexible Spending Accounts. In any case, Dr. Noey will work with you on getting you the care you need at a cost you can afford. 

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the safe, efficient way to remove built-up toxins and waste from the large intestine. Our office uses the FDA approved LIBBE open system, twice purified water and sterile, disposable tubes. 

$140 for the first visit ($60- Initial Consult/Examination and $80-Colonic Service)

$80 for basic Colonics sessions

Senior (age 60 and older) Special $105 for first visit ($60-Initial Consult/Examination and $45-Colonic Service) 

$45.00 basic Colonic sessions  (ID IS REQUIRED)

Complimentary Electrolyte Drink and Probiotic Supplement are Supplied Following Each Visit

Unfortunately, we do not accept INSURANCE, MEDICARE, or MEDICAID  for colon hydrotherapy however,  money-saving package deals are offered:

1 Colonic  $80.00  each
6 Pack       $70.00 each     (Savings of   $60.00)
12 Pack     $67.50 each     (Savings of $150.00)
18 Pack     $65.00 each     (Savings of $270.00)
24 Pack     $60.00 each     (Savings of $480.00)
Retention Enemas $5.00 each

Organic Coffee, Aloe, Chlorophyll, Witch Hazel, Lemon Juice, Probiotic, Castille Soap, Peroxide, Candida Flush, Garlic, Celtic Sea Salt, Slippery Elm, Epsom Salt

Wheat grass - $10.00 when available

Castor Oil Packs - $10.00

Massage Therapy

$100 per each One Hour Massage

Payment is expected at the time of service

Some Insurances May Cover Massage Therapy


Please call us at 815-733-5282 to schedule your appointment, we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible.  We understand that occasionally same day appointments are necessary.  We will make every effort to accommodate you as quickly as possible. 

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for all cancellations, we make every effort to contact all patients the day before their appointment. However, should an emergency arise and you need to reschedule please leave a message on our voice mail system by 8AM (on the day of the appointment). Not doing so will result in a $35 fee for same day cancellations.

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Services We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide. Make An Appointment We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Schedule an appointment today! Online Forms Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.


I was referred to Dr. Andrea Noey for Chiropractic care several years ago. Everyday tasks became a challenge due to pain in my lower back and right hip. Dr. Noey assessed the damage and devised a plan for realigning my vertebrae and hip. I am now pain free. Natural Chiropractic Healing also offers Colon Hydrotherapy. My colonic visits resulted in a 5 lb. weight loss and clear complexion. I started as a patient, but became a client and a fan! Make an appointment.You owe it to yourself!

John D.
Crest Hill, IL

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  • 16151 Weber Rd. Suite 210 Crest Hill, IL 60403
  • 815-733-5282

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